Benefits of Marine Biology Camps

Benefits of a Sail Caribbean Marine Biology Camp

Protect the Endangered

Learn it, Apply it

Visit Amazing Places

Prestigious Affiliations

Think & Act Like a Scientist

Discover a Life Path

Better Our World

Why are so many young people interested in marine biology? Because they are curious and adventurous. They are explorers looking for fascinating frontiers. And, there is nothing on our planet more expansive or interesting than the oceans. Sail Caribbean tropical marine biology camps present opportunities to help satisfy a thirst for knowledge.  Marine biology camps help students to find new challenges and to accomplish personal goals. Along the way, many participants realize that there are a number of unexpected benefits to Sail Caribbean marine biology summer programs.

Marine biologists are stewards of the oceans. Sail Caribbean marine biology camps give students a unique perspective on ocean life. Our camps are equipped with unique classrooms – catamaran sailing yachts.

  1. Protect the Endangered – Living onboard a boat means everyone is in very close proximity to the natural wonders and fascinating creatures that make their home below the waves. Having the motivation to protect the endangered is a natural reaction to living on the water. Taking full advantage of that drive to protect the endangered, students monitor coral reefs, learn about the threats of invasive species, catch and tag sea turtles, and Dive Against Debris that is harmful to ocean life.
  2. Learn it, Apply it – Sail Caribbean marine biology camps are located in the British Virgin Islands, the perfect tropical environment to conduct studies. It’s an outdoor laboratory for those who want to take real action and apply what they learn by putting science into practice.
  3. Visit Amazing Places – Look around in the BVI and you’ll see more than 50 islands, lush green mountainsides, and sunny blue skies. Looking down you find meadows of seagrass, thick mangroves with tangles of roots, and lovely beds of coral – all homes for colorful tropical fish and a myriad of sea creatures. Exploring the ecological bounty of this land is one of the many Sail Caribbean challenges.
  4. Prestigious Affiliations – Networking starts here. Sail Caribbean marine biology staff members are outstanding mentors and educators who have gone on to accomplish great things. They bring environmental awareness with them wherever they go and help others connect with leading conservation organizations.
  5. Think & Act Like a Scientist – Start thinking methodically and ask the questions, analyze the situations, collect and submit the data. Contributions will be shared and used by a worldwide network of scientists involved in fascinating studies that will have positive impacts toward the preservation of fragile ecosystems.
  6. Discover a Life Path – Whatever you do in life, make sure that you learn and do what you love. People who are excited about what they are doing generally succeed in big ways. Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”  You are never too young to start building a background that morphs into the first stepping stone on a path you’ll travel for life.
  7. Better Our World – Future Generations are counting on us to protect their legacy. Whether you want to help save the turtle population, collect data used for important research, learn how ecosystems interact, protect the planet for your children, or all of the above, a Sail Caribbean tropical marine biology camp provides the information, inspiration and challenges to set young people on a course of accomplishment in the world of marine science.

Marine Biology Camps – Melissa’s Experience

Dear Sail Caribbean,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to sail with you guys; I had the time of my life! I came to Sail Caribbean thinking three weeks of marine biology camp would feel like a really long time. To my surprise, three weeks felt like five days and I wish I had more time to spend with the amazing people that I met! I was amazed that kids from all around the world could have so much in common. There were people on the boat I do not think I would normally be friends with, but I learned that there is so much more to a person when you really get to know them. In addition, everyone on my boat agreed that this trip has really humbled us. Being cut off from technology and everyday life, made me appreciate everything so much more and allowed me to be independent from my parents and friends.

I came on this trip hoping to see if I wanted to pursue a marine biology career. Almost every counselor in our fleet had (some kind of) marine biology background and they were all happy to share their knowledge and experience with me. My mate, Kate, helped me conduct an in depth marine biology project, which was an amazing opportunity, especially since there is not a beautiful ocean anywhere near Chicago. That really gave me insight into what marine biology field work consists of.

This trip had the perfect mixture of education and fun. After a long, fun day of scuba diving and sailing, I could come back for a marine biology lesson and be able to apply that knowledge the next day.  One of the most memorable lessons was learning about bioluminescence and then hitting the water to see this magical phenomenon for myself. Upon returning to the boat, we all sat around the table with hot chocolate and shared our fascination for what we had just seen. It is also nice to know other kids with the same interest that I can stay in contact with.

Every day of the trip felt like a dream come true, filled with new adventures and memories. I will never forget the night we turned our boat into Hogwarts for the chili cook-off, or the night we whacked a piñata for Ashley’s birthday. This trip way exceeded my expectations with the amount of fun I had. I have already, and will continue to recommend Sail Caribbean and their marine biology programs to my friends. There is nothing better than being stranded out at sea with your best friends!

Thank you Sail Caribbean!

Melissa Pielet

Take a look at Sail Caribbean’s Marine Biology Camps for College Students – OCEAN College Marine Science, Sailing & Scuba


About the Author: Melissa Pielet is an 11th grader from Yorkville, IL.  Her     greatest passion is to travel and she is always looking for her next adventure!

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